Engage the Facts

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There is a way for you to effectively respond to this issue.  But first you need to know the facts and understand the P.E.A.C.E.-ful approach to communication.  Before taking action, take time to go through the materials below.  In 30 minutes or less, you can learn the facts to help you understand what’s going on and know how to respond effectively.  You can also click the links below to read our full reports on the situation and the Ontario curriculum itself.

Guiding Through the Sex-Ed Confusion – Ontario situation report

Ontario Curriculum Analysis – detailed curriculum report


What's Going On?
The resources below allow you to dig as deep as you need to become informed on the issue.  You can also click on our Guiding Through the Sex Ed Confusion document in the sidebar to read our full report.

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I just heard about this: what's going on?
How does the system of education affect how this is taught?
What is Comprehensive Sex Education?
Specific Lesson Concerns: Grades 1-3
Specific Lesson Concerns: Grades 4-6
Specific Lesson Concerns: Grades 7-8

Learn the PEACE-ful approach

The P.E.A.C.E. approach to communication is positive and relational, based on the principles of social influence described in the Book of Luke Chapter 10:5-10 from the Bible. Recent case studies have shown that a positive, winsome approach to this issue is most effective for building understanding between parents, teachers and school staff.

To learn this effective communication approach, click here