Concerns with Comprehensive Sex Education

When it comes to the effectiveness of CSE at promoting “health and well-being” among students, studies have shown that

1. Many students are not ready for the information
In his report Making Sex Education Work, Mitchell (2014) reports that “[u]niversal provincial curriculum has limited flexibility to suit the sensitivity of each child.”13

2. CSE is ineffective at improving student health
In New Brunswick, where CSE has been taught since the mid 2000’s, teen pregnancy rose 40% between 2006-2010.14

3. Current CSE curriculum leaves out critical facts
In her 2009 book ‘You’re teaching my child what?’ A physician exposes the lies of sex education and how they harm your child, Dr. Miriam Grossman points out that important facts about brain readiness, gynecology and infectious disease are being left out of CSE material.15

4. Parental authority is overruled by ‘expert’ opinion16

5. Much of the information isn’t scientific
Organizations like Planned Parenthood and SIECCAN “…teach kids that they are sexual from cradle to grave…and that kids have the right to express their sexuality in whatever manner they choose. This message promotes sexual freedom, not sexual health. This is ideology, not science.”17


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