Review Of Best Digital Piano – Yamaha P105 Digital Piano

Many people are unfortunately not aware of the concept of a digital piano. One of the best digital pianos available in the market is Yamaha P105 digital piano. It is a kind of an electronic keyboard which can be seen as an alternative to a traditional piano in respect to the manner in which it plays as well as the sound produced. These pianos make use of synthesized emulation or samples of an actual piano which then with the use of internal speakers is best digital piano To revisit the feel of an acoustic piano, digital pianos make use of weighted keys. It intends to produce an accurate simulation of an acoustic piano. The market is full of digital pianos hence; t becomes difficult to select one of the features, specifications and its pros and cons.


  • One of the best choice for pianists in search of a full sized but a lightweight model.
  • There are 10 onboard voices where one key can produce two tones at once.
  • The ring is clear and true.
  • An upgraded version of P85- difference lying between voices and the feels of the keys.


  • KEYS: 88
  • TOUCH SENSITIVITY: 4 velocity settings
  • POLYPHONY:64-note
  • Reverb effects are present.
  • METRONOME: 32-280 BPM
  • Sustain pedal is included in this model.
  • It has got a matte finish on the accidentals which prevent it from being slippery.
  • Pure CF sound engine
  • The music stand is included in this model of Yamaha.
  • Headphones and USB ports are there.
  • It consists of full-weighted keys with lower keys having more graded action.
  • AVAILABLE COLOURS: Black and Silver.
  • The model weighs 26.5 lbs and 7 oz along with a height of 151.5 mm and depth of 295 mm.


  • Since it consists of 88 notes, thus, it can handle almost anything in the repertoire.
  • The piano boats of a very good sound system and dynamic stereo sampling technology.
  • It has a variable touch sensitivity which means that the player can choose between hard, medium, soft and fixed; whatever suits his preference.
  • The piano is quite lightweight, and hence it is portable.
  • Since this model makes use of Advanced wave memory (AWM) dynamic stereo sampling technology, hence, the notes are not only loud but also change in timbre.


  • The ‘choir’ does not do justice in this model.
  • Because of lack of USB port, you need to buy one USB to MIDI adaptor in case you want to use the keyboard as mother keyboard for a computer system or transfer files.
  • The instrument has the capability of recording only one song.
  • The AC adaptor is not always included.
  • The keyboard stand is not included. Hence you need to pay extra.


One of the best Digital Piano Reviews, that is cost effective and boasting of a good sound quality, touch sensitivity. This instrument brings out the perfect expression and also produces the best of your playing.