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There is a way for you to effectively respond to this issue.  But first you need to know the facts and understand the PEACE-ful approach to communication.  Before taking action, take time to go through the materials below.  In 30 minutes or less, you can learn the facts to help you understand what’s going on and know how to respond effectively.  You can also click the links below to read our full reports on the situation and the Ontario curriculum itself.


Inclusiveness Challenges


One Size Fits All Education
Today’s one-size-fits-all education lacks the flexibility to allow all children from all cultures and faith backgrounds to see themselves in the curriculum. Watch the video to learn more.



What the Curriculum Doesn’t Say
Teachers have the authority to go above and beyond what’s in the curriculum in order to meet the needs of all students. Many parents have shared that their child was shown content that they deemed inappropriate. The content wasn’t found in the curriculum; it was chosen by the teacher.


What is Comprehensive Sex Education?

CSE – Part 1
Comprehensive Sex Education is a rights-based approach to human sexuality. Past sex-ed programs focused mostly on reproduction and physical health. CSE places more emphasis on the rights, values and emotions of sex.

Problems arise when some values are considered more important than others, and children are given all the facts about their choices because of human rights issues.



CSE – Part 2
Supporters of CSE claim that the approach helps reduce teen pregnancies and sexually-transmitted infections. However, research does not seem to support their claims and in some places where CSE is used, these problems have increased.


Specific Lesson Concerns: Grades 1-3

Parents and teachers know that this is a critical time in the learning process. A child’s mind is wired for input, making them very impressionable. Watch the video to see specific examples of what is going to be taught in the primary grades.



Specific Lesson Concerns: Grades 4-6

In this video, PEACE looks at some of the content in the junior grades of Ontario’s new sex-ed curriculum. This applies to students typically 9 to 11 years old.



Specific Lesson Concerns: Grades 7-8

In this video, PEACE looks at some of the content in the intermediate grades of Ontario’s new sex-ed curriculum. This applies to students typically 12 to 14 years old.


Learn the PEACE-ful approach

The PEACE approach to communication is positive and relational, based on the principles of social influence described in the Book of Luke Chapter 10:5-10 from the Bible. Recent case studies have shown that a positive, winsome approach to this issue is most effective for building understanding between parents, teachers and school staff.

To learn this effective communication approach, click here