Know about Lucky Patcher For iOS Smartphones and other smart devices

Smartphones and other smart devices which run on Android or iOS are a boon for their use as they provide many applications for various requirements of all categories of users. Some apps are available for free on the app store while the other apps, despite being fabulous, are not used by people because of in-app purchases. lucky patcher no root When the user pays for an app with his credit/debit card, there can be chances of the personal information to get hacked by the hackers and get misused. But, with apps such as Lucky Patcher, it is possible to use such apps without wasting a single penny.

The latest versions of Lucky Patcher are now available for both Android and iOS devices.

Key Features Of  Lucky Patcher For iOS

  • Lucky Patcher helps its users to remove annoying ads that keep popping up. It does more than just blocking ads.
  • Another attractive and outstanding feature of this app is that it modifies premium apps such that they can be used for free.
  • Lucky Patcher allows you to change the user interface and customize the user’s phone.
  • Lucky Patcher for iOS can give extra permissions to the user apps.

Lucky Patcher App for iOS v/s Android

The process for downloading for Lucky Patcher App for iOS is not the same that of the Android version because the Apple Store behaves differently is than the Google Play Store. The iOS system requires a support app for downloading Lucky Patcher which is called iPadian.

How To Install Lucky Patcher iOS Version?

The Lucky Patcher app will not be seen on the iTunes Store. So, , this is how to download and install it on any Apple device.

  1. Sin Lucky Patcher was only designed for Android devices, iOS has rebuilt the app to suit its users’ requirements.
  2. First of all, an app named iPadian should be downloaded.
  3. In iPadian, the APK file for the app Lucky Patcher is searched and downloaded. Other downloadable versions would not work on iOS.
  4. Some permissions would be asked for while installing the app and certain terms and conditions and some verification would have to be permitted for which some settings are modified on the user device.
  5. Once the verification is over, Lucky Patcher gives its user all freedom from modifying apps to enjoying paid apps for free, from backing up app data to removing annoying ads and what not.

Downloading Lucky Patcher Using iPadian

Apps like iPadian are termed as an emulator for which can make it possible for some iOS apps to run on the Windows OS. Two versions of iPadian are available. The free version provides the basic features of the iOS environment and lets the user access the customized app store. The paid version is highly efficient one and removes all ads completely. Thus, it makes it possible for the iOS environment to download apps like Lucky Patcher.

How To Use Lucky Patcher For iPhone

Lucky Patcher, once installed on iPhone, provides the best gaming experience as all the free purchases are taken care of, which makes gamers able to participate in tournaments and events without spending money. Lucky Patcher eliminates Google Ads for a hurdle-free gaming experience.


Lucky Patcher provides easy access to paid apps and different gaming purchases so, the user does not have to use any cheat codes. In all, Lucky Patcher for iOS was built to make Apple users happy.