Concerns with Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE)

There is no other subject that is so values-laden. In a pluralistic society, where there are so many worldviews, achieving agreement on sexuality values is impossible.  However, the ultimate goal of CSE is to force a change in the sexual and gender norms of society – through a one-size-fits-all program. Because of this, many express concern ‘CSE is one of the greatest assaults on the health and innocence of children’.[1]   Video Resources Explaining Concerns with CSE   Stop the War on Children This video Continue reading →

New Ontario sex-ed curriculum will include consent awareness

CBC News Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne has told the province’s Ministry of Education to include the subject of consent in its new sexual education curriculum. Wynne told Education Minister Liz Sandals to include “healthy relationships and the topic of consent” in the curriculum — which will debut this fall in Ontario schools — the ministry said Thursday in a statement. When Ontario tried to revamp its approach to sex ed five years ago, some parents and religious groups resisted, leading to a reversal by then Continue reading →