Interview – Toward A Culture of Sexual Integrity

Inklings Conversations Winter 2024

Towards a Culture of Sexual Integrity

A conversation with Phil Lees


                             Thursday, March 28th, 2:00 – 4:00 EST

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Speaker Bio

Phil Lees, CEO, PEACE Ed. Services

Phil Lees founded PEACE Education Services* in 2008. In 2013, the work expanded to Hawaii, where the program reaches 1500 youth annually. In 2015, the organization was registered as a charity with the federal government, with Phil Lees as CEO.

Prior to his involvement with PEACE, Phil was active in the educational field as a teacher, curriculum consultant, and university instructor for 29 years. Phil is married to his high school sweetheart, Ruth Ann, and they have raised three adult children together. They are the proud grandparents of five grandchildren.

Under Phil’s leadership, PEACE Education Services has concentrated its efforts on equipping parents, educators, and church leaders to guide children and youth in healthy sexuality and reduce the negative impact of our hyper-sexualized culture. One valuable resource developed as part of the PEACE Family Foundationsprogram is a 9-module series that is biblically aligned and research-based to help all parties chart a proven path for optimal sexual development and societal well-being.

 PEACE Education Services works with religious organizations, parents, government representatives, and publicly funded school systems to be informed on the issues and improve communication around the issue of sensitive sexuality in the curriculum.


Conversation Abstract

 Our hypersexualized culture challenges all people in the church and outside of it. Of great concern is the impact this culture has on our children. Combine this with the comprehensive sex education programs in our schools that emphasize sexual rights and the safe sex condom message. The result – is confusion in the minds of our children, increased youth sexually transmitted infection rates, increased depression, and suicides, along with reduced emotional, relational, and spiritual health.

Research proves that the most effective agents of influence over the child’s sexual decisions are parents and the church. Unfortunately, parents and the church feel ill-equipped. As a result, the school and culture (including pornography) become the default instructor of our children. In this conversation, Phil will share some of the strategies that PEACE Education Services has developed to equip and empower parents and all those working with youth in this important area of life.

Phil’s talk will provide a comprehensive overview of the sex education program now being taught in our schools. In this overview, he will trace how we got here and what is directing these programs. Based on current research, Phil will examine how the curriculum negatively impacts children and youth. Despite the admitted failure of the CSE (Comprehensive Sex Education) programs, they continue to be promoted in force.

Against this backdrop, Phil will outline a highly successful sexual health education approach gaining traction in some parts of the USA and internationally. He will also provide insight into a plan to positively influence instruction in Canada to protect the future of our children and youth through healthy, biblically aligned sexuality, leading towards a culture of sexual integrity.

 Participants in this Inklings Conversation are welcome to receive a digital copy of the comprehensive 110-page PEACE Ontario Parent Support Guide on request.

*The work of PEACE Education Services is rooted in the biblical principle of social influence, stated in Luke 10:5: “Whatever house you enter, first say peace to this house.” PEACE seeks a transformational approach to education through careful research and faithful adherence to the fundamental truth of who we are as humans created in God’s image.

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