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  • Katerine Perrault


    My name is Katerine Perrault and I work at the Archdiocese of Montreal with Archbishop Christian Lepine. I have a background in Marriage and the Family (M.A. at the John Paul II Institute for Studies on Marriage and the Family in Rome). Archbishop Lepine has asked me and a colleague, Ellen Roderick (PhD at the same Institute, in Washington), to start a Diocesan Centre to support Marriage, Life and the Family.

    As we are praying the Holy Spirit to guide us, a variety of issues have been showing up and invitations have also been made to us to speak on different subjects. One of them is the new Quebec Sex Ed Curriculum that is to become mandatory in September 2017 (it’s been a pilot project since 2015). Ellen and I have been studying the curriculum for about a year and we have strated working hard to raise awareness among parents.

    During our researches, we have discovered Peace Ontario. It is so encouraging to see that other people, having met the same challenges before us, have been involved in preparing alternative documents and tools for parents so as to support them in giving their children a sexuality education that is respectful of their values and faith and that, before the children hear other things in school. We are also going to work on tools for parents, but I thought that before reinventing the wheel, I would contact you and ask you if you would be open to sharing the resources that you have made with us, at the diocese.

    I want to thank you in advance for any help that you will agree to give us!

    Have a great afternoon!

    Katerine Perrault

  • Brenda Virtue

    Looking at your Upcoming Events, Sunday Sept 27th is in 2015???? and this is 2018. Is your website that far behind? I emailed after the Summit to Phil, but got no response. I want to get more involved and active in this issue. Praying for the help you need to update your website.
    Brenda Virtue

  • PEACE Ontario

    Hi Brenda,
    Thanks for contacting us. In case your previous message was missed, your comment has been forwarded to Phil Lees. Can you please reply with or email the page URL for where you are seeing the date error as you mentioned? We want to correct that right away.

    Many thanks,
    PEACE web admin

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