Toward a Culture of Sexual Integrity Seminar

As our culture has shifted from being homogenous (Christian dominated worldview) to heterogeneous (multi-worldview) the philosophy driving education has changed, and people of faith have tended to not engage. The system is influenced by those who engage with it. If people of faith are not engaged then the system does not understand our needs. As a result, lesson content reflects other worldviews and has become sensitive for many people of faith.

Yet, there is hope. The education system is built around the ideals of inclusivity, tolerance, and “everyone needs to be able to see themselves in the curriculum”.

For the Christian faith community to be understood and accommodated, people of faith (parents, church) need to positively re-engage with their schools, build relationship, help the school to meet its needs, and then we will be able to share our needs and will be accommodated.

The Toward a Culture of Sexual Integrity seminar is geared to helping families to positively engage with the issue of sensitive lesson content such as human sexuality.  This 90-minute community forum will provide an update on sex ed and introduce a process (and systematic plan) for the church and parents to:

  • Engage the facts about the biblical vision for sex as well as what is in the school curriculum
  • Positively navigate this difficult issue in our culture
  • Empower our children to make healthy, biblically aligned choices
  • Protect our generational & spiritual heritage

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