VIDEO: Family Foundations Series Session 5 – Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity

To watch Video: Click Here Session 5: Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Definitions, Culture’s claims, Influencing factors, Implications and risks for youth, Strategies for parents to guide youth. Our Duty Biological Integrity Transgender Research: Five Things Every Parent and Policy-Maker Should Know–5_Questions_for_Parents_%26_Policymakers_%28IRE%209-26-22%29.pdf

VIDEO: Sex Ed Strategies – CSE vs SRA – Pt 1 – Kinsey, Planned Parenthood and Playboy

The Targeting Success for Youth Video Series equips parents and youth leaders to empower youth to protect their futures by making the healthiest decisions around sex. This video is part 1 of Question 3: What are the Strategies to Guide Youth? In this video we focus on how Sex Ed in schools came to be. In the early 1900s Sex Ed embraced an abstinence approach. In the 1990s the approach shifted to Comprehensive Sex Ed – condoms and sexual rights. This video and power point Continue reading →