The PEACE-ful Approach to Communication

parent teacher mtg_mom talkingThe PEACE-ful approach to communication follows the guidelines in Luke 10: 5 – 10.  These were instruction by Jesus Christ to his followers on how to positively influence society.

He said that we should:

  • Speak peace and blessings—“speak peace to this house” 10:5
  • Build relationships—“stay there, eat what they give you” 10:7 (Eating a meal together was one of the highest signs of fellowship in Jewish culture)
  • Meet their needs—“heal the sick” 10:9
  • Proclaim God’s truth—“share truth (and your needs) after you have built relationship” 10:9

In other words, he was saying that developing relationship and offering service to others BEFORE you ask for something is the most effective way to being clearly heard, understood and valued.


A positive, winsome manner

The PEACE community seeks to bless and serve our community schools.

We seek to be an asset to our schools (i.e. to, volunteer, meet needs in the school, and assist with supplemental materials and curriculum that help our children to meet government expectations in a way that also affirms their faith.

Definitions: 1) Attractive or charming in an open, fresh, innocent, honest and desirable way. 2) a feeling of childlike joy or innocence that is attractive or pleasing to others.

We must understand that we live in a pluralistic, multi-worldview society. If we are to be successful, we must understand that the school is expected to respect and accept all people – this is a difficult job. If people of faith have not been positively sharing our needs, we cannot expect them to be met. We must seek to communicate the Christian needs of our children in a positive and winsome way.

Teachers, just like any other person, will be interested in listening to you if you have a positive relationship and you seem to sincerely care. Make efforts to be positive, caring, and winsome.