Wonderfully Made Curriculum



We know that learning about 
sexuality can be sensitive.  Teachers are to present the curriculum expectations in 
ways that are inclusive of all, which is often difficult to do.  The teacher may not be accurately aware of your traditional faith position or how to communicate it to your child. To help, we’ve put these
 resources together so that, whether the teaching is happening in a classroom, church or in your home, the learning expectations are met while respecting the values of your family.

P.E.A.C.E. is proud to partner with the creators of the God’s Design For Sex series in order to provide you with a complete set of lessons, tips and assessment tools for your child’s learning needs. The Grade 6 unit uses Book 3 – What’s the Big Deal? while the Grades 7 & 8  units use Book 4 – Facing the Facts. These should be ordered along with the respective units.

Please note that at this time we only have materials for Grades 6-8; more materials are in development!

These materials have been written by educators to be used easily by both parents and teachers alike, and are designed to meet the Ontario Ministry of Education learning expectations.  These resources and more can be ordered, in hard copy or digital format, through our Online Store.

Each unit includes a letter you may use to communicate with the school.  It requests that your child be allowed to complete the alternative unit in order to help your child meet the learning expectations while connecting to his or her faith. Complete the form and request a short meeting with your teacher (approx. 10 – 15 min).

Once you’ve been informed about when sex-ed is to begin, you can begin working with your child on the alternative material. It may be important to time the work so that the assignments are completed during sex-ed class. Often students are allowed to complete the work in the library (if the library is supervised) during sex ed instruction time.