Children as Young as 6 are to be given self-touching lessons


This article in the following link demonstrates the purpose of Comprehensive Sex Education – changing the sexual norms and values of society.

Don’t think, “well that is in England and won’t happen here.” CSE is an international initiative being driven by Planned Parenthood which is working through the World Health Organization. There is a plan. We have watched this progress internationally for 20 years. This is not fear mongering.

Our new Ontario Curriculum is based on CSE and this is the direction we are going. We have provided the evidence that CSE does not work.

We have only 2 options:
a) Accept the direction and the negative impact it will have on the next generation
b) Take responsibility and provide families and the next generation with sexual risk avoidance programs so that our youth will make decisions to protect their future that are medically accurate, evidence based and biblically aligned.

PEACE is helping churches in Durham Region, Winnipeg, Hamilton and Quebec, with option “b”. If interested, send an email to and we will send you the program information.

Another option – Watch the video of our webinar “Sex Ed In Schools – Why be Concerned?”  You can catch it at This provides you with details about the Ontario Curriculum and how to …

  • Take responsibility for providing the needed SRA instruction for their children and youth.
  • Effectively communicate with the school the learning needs of students, opt out of sensitive curriculum, and be accommodated with SRA based programs at home, church or school (if possible)

Phil Lees

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