2019 Ontario Health and Physical Education Curriculum Ministry Announced Changes Will Advance CSE

The Ontario Ministry of Education released the new 2019 Grades 1 – 8, Health and Physical Education expectations on Aug 21, 2019.  This, after a long and expensive public education inquiry which the government is being criticized for. PEACE has gone through and compared both the 2015 and the 2019 documents (over 550 pages) page by page and is developing a Grade by Grade response/critique. The 2019 Health and Physical Education Curriculum is a large document – 2019 pages.  There are 5 Strands and numerous Continue reading →

Children as Young as 6 are to be given self-touching lessons

  This article in the following link demonstrates the purpose of Comprehensive Sex Education – changing the sexual norms and values of society. Don’t think, “well that is in England and won’t happen here.” CSE is an international initiative being driven by Planned Parenthood which is working through the World Health Organization. There is a plan. We have watched this progress internationally for 20 years. This is not fear mongering. Our new Ontario Curriculum is based on CSE and this is the direction we are Continue reading →

Grade by Grade Concerns with CSE and the 2019 Ontario Curriculum

  2019 Ontario Health and Physical Education Curriculum Healthy Living – Human Development and Sexual Health Strand Curriculum Content found in Expectation, Teacher Prompt, or Student Response      Concerns & Suggestions Ministry Announced: Grade 1 to 8 – Expanding Anti-bullying to all Grades At first this appears to be a good step.. Unfortunately, the anti-bullying context is the platform used for LGBT affirmative messaging, and often takes a significant proportion of the time.  If this was to include all aspects of bullying, we would not Continue reading →

Concerns with Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE)

There is no other subject that is so values-laden. In a pluralistic society, where there are so many worldviews, achieving agreement on sexuality values is impossible.  However, the ultimate goal of CSE is to force a change in the sexual and gender norms of society – through a one-size-fits-all program. Because of this, many express concern ‘CSE is one of the greatest assaults on the health and innocence of children’.[1]   Video Resources Explaining Concerns with CSE   Stop the War on Children This video Continue reading →

What is Comprehensive Sexuality Education / CSE

What is CSE? In the past sex education focused on puberty and reproduction.  Today it is generally referred to as “sexuality education”.  ‘Sexuality’ education focuses on sexual attitudes, activities/practices, orientations, and the capacity for sexual feelings – not on physiology or anatomy. [1] There are many different descriptions offered for CSE.  The following definition is the clearest that I have found.[2][3] (please note the highlighted words that are defined below): Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) is a sexual rights-based approach to human sexuality education that seeks to Continue reading →