Making sex education work

*Foreword – This report provided by the Institute of Marriage and Family Canada is one of the best resources available for getting a clear understanding of this issue.  Once you’ve read the report, check back into the website for more tips and tools you can use. – PEACE Ontario*


By Peter Jon Mitchell, Institute of Marriage and Family Canada

November 2014 – *excerpt*

In 2010, the Ontario Ministry of Education put a revised Physical Education Curriculum for grades one to eight on hold. Some parents objected to elements of the curriculum, including the age appropriateness of the introduction of various sexual themes. The Ministry of Education has announced it will reintroduce the curriculum in September 2015.

This report recounts the concerns parents expressed in 2010 and critiques some of the common claims made about sexuality education. The report examines the nature of teen sexual behaviour and provides recommendations for the province, schools and parents in navigating this often controversial topic. In final assessment, the evidence shows that parents are competent and effective in their role as their child’s primary sexuality educator. All sexuality education should emphasize the power of parents in teaching their children about sexuality, in partnership with educators.

What concerns did parents have with the introduction of the 2010 curriculum?

Some media reports marginalized concerned parents, suggesting they were ignorant, misinformed or overly sensitive to the content. Rather than dismissing parental concerns, two important objections deserve consideration. First, the Ministry of Education failed to adequately communicate curriculum changes to parents.

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