Transgender Research – Five Things Every Parent and Policy Maker Should Know

In January of this year (2022), Canadian Parliament passed bill C-4 making conversion therapy for sexual orientation or gender identity illegal.  SOGI advocates claim the legislation is intended to allow youth to investigate their sexual orientation and begin transitioning their gender without interference – even from family. The wording of the legislation is so broad that parents wonder if they can even talk to their children about the issue. 

In Ontario students can begin puberty blockers as young as 8 years of age, and parents in a doctor’s office trying to deal with their child’s gender dysphoria, are often subjected to emotional blackmail when the doctor says, “If you do not begin to support transitioning, you increase the risk of suicide.”  

This ground-breaking report from the Institute for Research & Evaluation brings together in one place the current scientific evidence on five key issues of concern to parents and decision-makers. The report exposes the flawed research studies and misinformation being used to justify life-altering medical procedures on gender-confused youth.


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