Americans, Britons and Canadians Disagree on Sex Education

By: Angus Reid Public Opinion [NEW YORK – Nov. 30, 2011] – People in the United States, Britain and Canada hold differing views on the topics that should be addressed in sex education courses at school, a new Angus Reid Public Opinion poll has found. In the online survey of representative national samples, a majority of respondents in the three countries believe the parents or guardians should be primarily responsible for teaching sex education to children and teens. Two thirds of Canadians (69%) and Britons Continue reading →

Hamilton Parent Launches Law Suit

Things are really beginning to heat up here in the province. The Hamilton School Board has been served with a law suit from a family that used our document to communicate their faith and were told they do not have the right to know when curriculum conflicts with their values. This is most unusual for Hamilton Board has accepted hundreds of these forms for more than 4 years, and has adopted a religious accommodation policy that includes accommodating for sensitive curriculum issues. Hamilton dad takes Continue reading →